Solar Panels


Install solar panels, generate up to 50% savings on your electricity bill & earn an income of around £586* per year. -



Loft insulation


Don't let money escape through your roof. Save up to £140* a year on your energy bill prices! 90% of properties are eligible for free loft insulation! -



Cavity Wall Inslution


Insulate yourself from rising energy bills and save up to £160* a year on your energy bill prices. 90% of homes are eligible for free insulation through ECO (The Energy Company Obligation). Applying for simple! -



3 Simple steps to free insulation


1. Check suitability Answer a few simple questions to see if your home is likely to be suitable.


2. Energy Expert visit We will survey your home and make sure it is ready for installation.


3.Installation Cavity insulation usually takes less than a day and we’ll leave your home as we found it. -



EMC hopes members will money in with energy-saving incent


Whether it’s throughout the bitter cold of winter season (as bitter cold as winter season can enter south Alabama) or the ruthless heat of the summer season, Baldwin EMC hopes to money, decreasing its energy costs while passing the savings on to its members when it introduces a reward program this summer. For more info Visit temposavesenergy.

CENTSIBLE POWER is a voluntary program available to all Baldwin EMC residential members and is designed to assist save on utility bills in a variety of ways, stated Kevin Wilson, an energy marketing specialist at EMC.


Energy efficiency:Binding targets will impede EU development


This autumn, the European Commission is planning a revision to the energy effectiveness instruction. Both the Commission and Parliament are currently evaluating the application of the existing instruction, initially embraced back in 2012. The best word to explain how the directive has been executed by EU member states is probably 'inadequately'.

However, fortunately is that the European Union will still satisfy its 2020 climate goals. Businesses and personal individuals have an interest in utilizing less energy and saving money. I concern it as unnecessary to compel behavior artificially in a market that currently supplies its own stimulation.

Water Department’s energy savings efforts translate


The Department of Water Supply scored a big refund recently for its energy conservation efforts.

The water utility s governing board at its month-to-month conference on April 26 took receipt of $130,000 from Hawaii Energy, to support the purchase of equipment and loggers for energy cost savings, through decrease of water loss as part of Water Supply’s leakage detection program.

This considerable refund is the outcome of the diligence and commitment of our staff in partnership with Hawaii Energy, and we accept it gratefully, said Keith Okamoto, manager-chief engineer of the Department of Water Supply.